Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower

You can go up the Eiffel Tower utilizing the lifts however you can likewise pick the stairs in the event that you truly need to investigate the pinnacle from each point and enjoy  a walk which truly is very not normal for whatever else. The one of a kind vibe of being outside and inside in the meantime !

The lifts

Three lifts (North, East, and West columns ) will take you up to the first and second floors (115m). If you need to go to the main (276m), you have to change lifts at the second floor.

Of the Eiffel Tower’s three lifts, maybe a couple of them are of an open outline (the others being shut contingent upon upkeep or wellbeing necessities).

At occupied periods, you should hope to need to line to utilize the lifts.

The floors

For what reason not go out for a stroll inside the extremely metallic structure ?

The stairs which are available to the general population go up to the second floor (115m). You can appreciate scaling the pinnacle at your own pace however in any event when you get to the best you’ll have the fulfillment of having made it up 704 stages.


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