See three films at the cinema in one day.

AMC Theaters has declared its annual Oscar marathon, offering the opportunity to see every one of the chosen people for Best Picture in one sitting. This year, the stakes have changed a bit — since there’s 10 motion pictures in the classification, the extraordinary will really happen on two separate Saturdays, indicating five films on every one.

Taking in five movies in a day is a certain something, however rehashing it seven days after the fact appears somewhat forceful. Particularly when you are very brave, epic, and sincerely depleting films on the slate. I don’t know whether I could handle Avatar immediately took after by Precious —and that is only two!

The entire circumstance has made them consider my film stamina by and large. In school I was unquestionably known to pack four or five motion pictures into a languid Saturday easily, however with regards to in-theater amusement, my record is three movies in a single day. (Thanks, Sundance!) Even film celebrations for the most part give you some available time between motion pictures, yet I don’t know I could go more than four of every a theater.

Shouldn’t something be said about you? Does the AMC bargain request to you? What number of motion pictures have you viewed in one day in the past — and what number of do you figure you could take on the off chance that you needed to?

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